Friday, October 5, 2007


My newest creations are made with vintage papers. Like the flower brooches I have been making, they are handsewn and one of a kind. The Christmas ornaments are three sided with sequins, beads and glitter and ricrac trim for hanging. These ornaments will be gifts with items purchased from my shop on Etsy. My daughter will help me with a special batch of ornaments for local homeless shelters and retirement homes!

The corsage is something I have had in mind for awhile - I will be making a series of this style in the next couple of weeks! I am working on some now using old maps, comics, wrapping papers and sheet music! I love these flowers with leaves and they are getting more elaborate (with feathers and more styles of leaves all made with paper!) This comic corsage is the first of this series - I just listed this creation in my shop on Etsy!


WendiWinn said...

the leaves are a great touch!

b.inspired boutique said...

Great stuff. I loooove the corsage! The vintage paper is beautiful!