Sunday, October 28, 2007

End of October

Wow, October of 2007 is nearly over and it was a busy month! My daughters birthday, school Halloween carnivals, guests in town...whew! It flew by for me and I am ready to get busy again with sewing. I spent most of yesterday sewing and made two hats I am really happy with.
I managed to cut my thumb (left hand) with my super sharp scissors and used cotton/tape to wrap it up good so that I could keep going. Later I used New Skin Liquid Bandage and now it almost looks like nothing happened. I really love that stuff - it actually WORKS. It does burn a little when you apply it, but it's worth it - it seals AND heals (no, I don't have stock in that company-though I should!) Today I will spend the day sewing! One more cup of coffee and a little more Etsy and I am ready to go!
I listed the pink floral hat on Etsy yesterday just after finishing it!

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Krista said...

Love these! Great colors -- especially the top one.

I need to try that bandage stuff... very intriguing.