Sunday, October 7, 2007


This is a display I made several years ago for my earrings - an old lamp shade! These earrings are made with large sequins - paillettes. I have the tiniest ears and I love to wear big earrings, so these are PERFECT! Big, shiny and super light! I made several pairs for myself nearly 4 years ago and people would stop me to ask where I got them - I made several sales just from wearing them around! I take them to art and craft sales, too. What I love about doing these local sales is that I can bring a variety of the things I make - and since I love to experament with different materials, it's a great way to get feedback and show off some good ideas! It's a little harder to do this on the internet because of the listing fees and competition. Even our local markets don't have room for any more jewelry booths. I have been allowed to add these earrings and other odd pieces of odd jewelry because they are ... well, unusual! This is one of those projects that is fun to do between sewing and painting. I will sit down with a box of the materials, put on some great music, have a cup of tea and make a batch of earrings!

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