Saturday, October 13, 2007

Process and Inspiration

I got up at around 7am today. Coffee, internet rounds (Etsy, Flickr, Dawanda, Indiepublic)...more coffee, then to the studio. First I worked on brooches - my latest version is a corsage. I finished two and have three more that are nearly done. Then I started a new hat pattern inspired by a vintage hat I found at a thrift store for my daughter. The one I found is like a beanie with ear flaps - made with velvet. I found a little guy at the thrift store yesterday that reminded me I had to work on this (his hat is dark green like the hat I found)! I am getting there with the new hat! I am now making the first one with the pattern I made earlier today (so far so good) I hope to have some ready this week for Etsy, Dawanda and an upcoming local Christmas art fair. ahhh, it's been a good day!

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Cathy said...

Is that a new banner - it looks fabulous! Your paper brooches are so nice!