Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday Night and Saturday Sewing

I finally got myself out of the house last night! I made it to one art opening at a new gallery on Marcy Street called Underground Gallery of Contemporary Art (it's in a very cool space below street level next to the most delicious restaurant in town-LaBoca) They had an opening for this fantastic painter Patrick Boyles...a nice turnout and really good art. After that I went to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame to see my friend Joe West and his band. It was packed and I drank more beer than I had planned on drinkin'. It was a pretty good time...but I kept thinking "you can't be too tired to sew tomorrow!" I took a taxi home just after midnight.
I have been busy all week with a new hat style and have listed two on Etsy. It was inspired by a fantastic vintage hat I got as a gift when I lived in New Zealand. The one I have from the 60s is made with faux fur...but I love this style in a variety of fabrics. I have all day to finish a velvet version of this hat and will start a new hood with recycled vintage wool (I cannot get enough of this hood style! It's so unique and reallly cute!)

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