Friday, November 16, 2007

Seven Things (I've been tagged)

I've been tagged by thankyouenjoy

7 things about me ~

1. I put little monster heads all over my house - anywhere they cheers me up

2. I bite my nails

3. I do not like celery

4. my hair is naturally blonde (though I prefer it black)

5. one of the best complements I have ever received was being called "betty crocker feminist"

6. sometimes just before I go to bed I put on tons of makeup...then I wash it all off

7. I collect old lunch boxes, old suitcases and little handpainted plaster animals I find second hand

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Danca said...

Hello Kristen,
thanks for tagging me. Love your Etsy store, awesome funky hats and pins.

Gallery Juana said...

Love your handmade hats. Your photography is beautiful too.