Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Magic Rabbit

Today I came home to find two packages waiting for me. One from Annette - a VERY crafty peep - and the other was a package returned to me (the dreaded "Return to Sender").

The package returned was a hat sold and shipped to Canada. I have had problems shipping to Canada - mostly just taking waaayyyy to long...but this time it didn't even make it through customs. It had a note saying - no sender name in Arabic Numerals and/or Roman Letters. Um...I wrote my initials KRK and the post office I mailed the package from O.K.'d it. A drag, because now I fear mailing anything to Canada.

The package from Annette was so exciting to open! Annette LeBlanc Cate is my good friend from Boston (neither of us live there now)....she was my boss for the Dr.Katz show. She was the art director of that show and I did animation/art. She is the best...she made that job my favorite - EVER! Annette just had a wonderful childrens book published - The Magic Rabbit. She sent a copy for me and my daughter (I am very lucky, she signed it in the most special way) and sent a variety of other treasures for us to enjoy. It softened the blow of the returned package and her drawings brought back wonderful memories of working together on the Dr. Katz show. I love her drawings ~

***the old lady in the car killlls me and I l.o.v.e. those amazing shoes!

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