Monday, December 10, 2007

Miss Lady

I have a new product - inspired by a gift I received a few years ago from a co-worker. This unusual woman I worked with gave me a vintage faux fur collar. I love that thing. Love. Over the weekend, I made a pattern from it and made a few of my own. I listed two on Etsy just yesterday. They look darling over tops and dresses and really cute as a neclace. I just got started and it's another fun way to use the smallest pieces of vintage fabrics. I made another choker this weekend, too. I used a piece of the cotton rice bag (the one I used for the hat you see in the photos below) I love accessories and continue to find ways to use all these wonderful fabrics I have been collecting all these years!


Anonymous said...
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GrayEyedScorpio said...

I love how bright and picture-ful your blog is!