Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a little bit about me - the human behind the blog

I was looking through blogs today (from the forums on Etsy) and saw a wonderful idea - get to know me better Wednesday. Very cute - I love it. I thought I would start today with some basics ~

I'm a mom. I have an 8yo daughter (the most darling person I have ever known!)

3 chickens, 2 parakeets, 2 sisters

I ride my bicycle or walk. I can drive but don't. I live in Santa Fe (right in town) so it's easy to live without a car.

I have a part time job at a hair salon. My boss opened this salon 4 yrs ago - we had worked together at another salon and when he opened this salon, I went with him... we are pretty much like family. We argue, we laugh a lot, we care about each other. It's a cool job. I basically know how he likes things to be - how to make it all work well day to day - and I know his clients and they freak out if I'm not there *they neeed me : )

I am pretty energetic - I don't sit still for long. I sew (clothing, hats, a variety of other accessories), paint, draw, book binding, lino cuts, collage, lots of other odd creations and art (I have an art blog - , play a variety of instruments, bake pretty good pies, play cards and take lots of photos....

Coffee is very important to me.

Laughing is very important to me. I have some very funny friends - I cherish them.

I can be very impatient, a little bossy and a little edgy sometimes.

My favorite color is green (if I have to pick one, red and green if I pick two).

My house is filled with odd little things that seem to entertain guests. It's very colorful.

I love animals...all of them.

I am really freaked out by spiders.

I am not shy but a little too shy to be a clown - otherwise that is what I would be doing right now. I saw this amazing clown from Alaska - realllly cute, really cool, very funny. Not creepy at all. He made me want to be a clown.

Wow, hope that's not the most boring thing you have ever read!


kim* said...

haha- fun, not long or boring :)

LoopDiLoops said...

I love your banner, it's very captivating!

tattytiara said...

You're living my dream! I have always wanted to have chickens.