Wednesday, July 8, 2009


our newest creations
Our shop is filled with original designs...raw and fresh from the studio and our imaginations. We get lots of questions about sizing so I thought I would write a little about that today.
We list items that come straight out of our studios and price them reasonably so we can offer custom designs based on the original design. We never duplicate our designs, but we do offer custom versions made to fit each customer. We ask for measurements and it takes from 3 days to a couple of weeks, depending on the fabric design. We print small batches of fabric with our original designs by if we need to order the fabric then print, it can take a bit longer. If we happen to have large quantities of a particuar fabric, we tend to print like mad and sometimes have enough of that original print to use it for a custom. The great thing about our process is that it keeps things fresh and inspired for us, so each item we create is "alive" and inspired. The great thing about our process for our customers is that every item purchased is a true one of a kind and totally unique.


Felix and Jayne said...

those are both super cute!

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