Monday, August 17, 2009


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Last week was a very exciting week for iheartfink...we were the feature artists on Etsy Wednesday through Friday (midday). I gotta tell ya, when I saw that convo about the interview and being featured artist...I just said to my boyfriend "high five...c'mon...high five!" he said "what? why...oh, ok" then I told him and made him give me like 5 more. and then I called Karen - if we were in the same town there would have been some high fives with her, too! It was really cool and a lot of fun.
I made a little slide show of our work (above) to celebrate. fun fun FUN.
we heart Etsy xoxo


Ren said...

Congrats on being an Etsy featured artist!

kk said...

thank you! it was very exciting and we were totally honored! xo