Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Ways for iheartfink

we have learned so much from our Etsy experience and we are ready to make some changes to make our items available to more people. we have been making one of a kind items from the get go...this won't change. but now, we offer many of the items we make from scratch in large, medium and small sizes at the price listed. because we print each item by hand and make them from scratch without patterns, they will each be unique and special! we will use a standard size chart for sizing and we use cotton knit fabric, so it's flexible and has a nice amount of give for complete comfort.
we also offer custom orders for 25% more. for custom orders we will make the item to the customers exact measurements and custom print the fabric in the desired colors. we love doing it this way so we know we are making something especially for that person.
you know...we just love doing what we do. all of it!

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