Tuesday, October 6, 2009

iheartfink - some of our newest designs

Devil Doll Dress - the dress in our Bust Magazine Ad

some of our newest designs available in our shop on Etsy.

we recently joined ArtFire...not so sure about it, but there were several nice options that made it interesting enough to try. Etsy is far more attractive than ArtFire - but we do want more traffic and customers, so we are open to new things! Trunkt has been great - a beautiful site that is also very organized and has proved to be helpful in getting people over to our shop on Etsy.
we have a small ad in the newest issue of Bust magazine. it's tiny, but we used a bold design that does stand out on the page! if you check out the new Bust, look near the back for a group of small ads.

Bust Magazine
iheartfink on ArtFire
iheartfink on Trunkt

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Sarah said...

That red wrap dress is gorgeous! I'll have to look for your ad in Bust, I never miss an issue, and I go out of my way to try and support sellers who, in turn, support magazines like Bust with their ad dollars (particularly when they're independent artisan types!).